Tenkar Calishun - Tavern Proprietor

Here's another special character from the 2nd Delvers Lost in the Dungeons of Doom Kickstarter. Tenkar Calishun is rather famous and has his own blogspot (Tenkar's Tavern). As Erik says, "Tenkar was a henchman in one of my old campaigns that became moreso as time went on."

Tenkar painted by Rom Brown

This is one thing I love about my new sculpting hobby. I have the pleasure of bringing characters to the gaming table as miniatures you can hold in your hands. I 'lifted' the following from Tenkar's blog:

"I never retained a copy of the character sheet of Tenkar, the Dwarven Fighter that was a henchman for Paul (who dropped out for the group for a bit and is the reason we gather each year, as Paul was lost on 9-11) before Tenkar moved on to Brian - who made this character sheet."

A Post Unearthed Arcana Character Sheet

"Tenkar later returned as my Dwarven Paladin in EverQuest shortly after launch and became my online name when I started blogging (to keep "the job" and "the blog" is separate worlds)

Anyhow, an excellent time with friends I've known for over 30 years. Gaming bonds are often life long bonds."

That pretty much sums gaming up for me. It's all about people and the relationships forged through play. Thank you Erik for letting me sculpt your favourite character. 


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